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42 Léman Students Inducted Into National Honor Society

November 17, 2022

We are immensely proud to share that on Monday, November 14th, 42 Léman Juniors and Seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS). To become a member of the NHS, students must demonstrate academic excellence by maintaining at least a cumulative 3.3 grade point average. They must also complete an application that asks them to detail their involvement in co-curricular and community service, as well as write a brief essay and provide two character references.


These students were honored during a formal ceremony held in the 1 Morris Street auditorium, where Léman families, faculty, and administration celebrated their achievements.


Please join us in congratulating these talented students on this impressive accomplishment!



2022 National Honor Society Inductees:

Isabella A. '24

Dianne A. '24

Maya B-R '24

Isobel B. '23

Xander B.‘24

Kairah C. '23

William C. '24

Marguerite C. '23

Brendan C. '23

Brandon C. ‘24

Luisa D. '23

Aïda D. '24

Luke F. '23

Lucas F.  ‘24

Isabella F. '24

Stevie F. '24

Alina G. '23

Colin G. '24

Mika H. '24

Isabella H. '23

Faith H. '24

Chase H.  '23

Raveena H. '24

Anoushka I. '24

Kwon Woo K. '23

Jotham K. '24

Yotam P. '24

Giles L. '24

Marcella L. '23

Polina L-A '23

Carolina M. '23

Flavia M.M. '23

Ruby M. '24

Colette M. '24

Tatum N. '23

Victor O. ' 23

Adeline R. ' 24

Charli R. ' 23

Zander S. ' 24

Eva S. ' 23

Kyla S. ' 24

Sama S. ' 24

Stella T. ' 23

Ky T. ' 24

Chengfeng W. ' 23

Beatrice W. ' 24

Paulina Y. ' 24


Current Members of the National Honor Society Include:

Isabella A. '23

Michelle A. '23*

Andrea C. '23

Alejandro E. '23

Greta G. '23*

Max G. '23

Ethan J. '23

Olivia J.'23*

Layla K. '23*

Danae K. '23

Audrey K.'23

Leah L. '23

Madeleine O. '23*

Ember P. '23

Sara S. '23

Mason S. '23

Johanna U. '23*

Joshua W. '23

Sofia Z. '23 *


*Indicates officer position

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