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Highlights from the Léman Bulls’ 2023 Fall Season

November 30, 2023

After weeks of practice, great displays of teamwork, and two championship wins, the fall athletics season has come to a close.

Below, enjoy some highlights from this season, shared by Director of Athletics, Keith Sequeira, and several of our expert coaches.

Coed Middle School & Varsity Cross Country
This year was an unprecedented one for our Middle School and Varsity Cross Country Teams. For the first time in the history of Cross Country at Léman, both the Middle School and Varsity Girls teams concluded the season with I.S.A.L Championship wins. This success was especially impressive given that most of the members of both teams were new to the sport, as noted by Director of Athletics, Mr. Sequeira.

Members of the Boys teams also had very successful individual seasons, with each athlete improving their times with each race.

“Throughout the season, runners have learned the harsh realities of physical and mental limitations. Their running shoes have accrued over 100 miles, enduring every possible surface and weather,” started Cross Country Coach Ms. Molina when asked about the accomplishments of our Cross Country teams this season. She continued, “They have learned that personal responsibility, commitment, sacrifice, determination, and persistence are the only means of improvement. Running is the road to self-confidence and self-discipline, and Léman runners have learned that success comes through self-conquest, motivation, and the desire to be the best they can be.”

Boys 7/8th Grade Soccer
This was a season of determination for the Boys Grades 7/8 Soccer Team, who worked incredibly hard all season long. After a particularly tough loss, team members were able to unite and work together to improve not only as a whole, but to support each other as individuals with a desire to improve and grow stronger. “This season reminded me of why I’m so proud to call myself a Léman Bull for life,” stated Coach Jordan, who is a member of Léman’s inaugural 2013 graduating class.

Girls Varsity Tennis
This season brought plenty of changes for the Girls’ Varsity Tennis team, who joined the Athletic Conference of Independent Schools’ (ACIS) fall season this year. Though the competitive terrain was different, each athlete displayed confidence with each game and demonstrated amazing sportsmanship on and off the court. Thanks to these attributes, per Mr. Sequeira, each team member was able to compete with “unmatched maturity and poise” all season long, including junior Lula B-V, who had an undefeated season with a 5-0 record.

Coach Sam’s Favorite Moment: The excitement a few of the players had when coming to me to share how well they played in a match I had missed. It’s moments like this, when your players’ hard work in practice combines with the joy and confidence they feel playing in a match, that makes everything worth it!

Coach Tanael’s Favorite Moment: In a recent doubles match, our baseline player had an aggressive rally with their baseline player who ultimately sent a weak shot to our net player who promptly took advantage to put the ball away at the feet of their net player - just like we do in practice. As a coach I loved seeing our girls' delighted reaction which seemed to say "Oh yeah, I guess that's why we do that drill in practice!"

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer
This season was an incredibly competitive one in Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, and with each game, the Léman Bulls were able to learn from their mistakes and support each other as a team, abilities paramount to finding growth and success in athletics.

Looking ahead to the 2024-25 season, Mr. Sequeira said, “We've gained valuable lessons throughout the season, learning from our mistakes and striving not to repeat them in future games. We managed to score a few goals, which will undoubtedly contribute to our improvement in the next season. We can take pride in the fact that we secured a victory after a considerable period without one. This is what it's all about – the ability to persevere and continue working hard as a team, representing our JV boys.”

Girls Varsity Soccer
Throughout the fall, the Girls Varsity Soccer team fought hard in each game, working together and cheering each other on as they achieved their favorite win towards the end of the season.  The scenes of joy and delight at the end of the last game of the season will no doubt stick with all of the players and coaches for a very long time.

Girls Varsity Volleyball
This year’s Girls Varsity Volleyball team was representative of a wide range of Léman’s student athletes, with members being in Grades 8 through 12. Throughout the season, the Léman Bulls demonstrated great collaboration and support of one another, resulting in the team making it to Playoffs. Though they didn’t move forward, Mr. Sequeira noted that each member played with grit and showed amazing growth throughout the season. “With the help of Coach Christina and Coach Mike, the girls played with pride. We had many laughs and pushed through with plenty of school and community spirit,” he said.

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball
It was a strong season for our Girls Junior Varsity team, who made it to the ACIS Seminal Championships. The entire season was a great lesson in the power of collaboration and love for competing!

Throughout the year, Léman student athletes have the opportunity to participate in a selection of over 40 competitive teams. Whether a student joins a team with years of experience, or becomes a part of a team with a desire to challenge themselves and try something new, all athletes are encouraged to do their best, accomplish their goals, and compete with plenty of Bull Pride!

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