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Celebrating Leadership and Academic Achievements at the 6th Annual Senior Awards Ceremony

June 02, 2022

On May 26, the entire senior class came together in the Broad Street Ballroom to celebrate the Class of 2022 at the 6th annual Léman Manhattan Senior Awards Ceremony. Outstanding seniors were presented with academic achievement awards in all disciplines. Each student was handed their award by a faculty member who commended their accomplishments from the stage.

Three distinguished awards were presented to students who have made exceptional contributions to the Léman community: the Léman Manhattan Leadership Award, the Léman Manhattan Faculty Award, and the Léman Manhattan Head's Award. Fifteen students were honored with the Léman Manhattan legacy award for being a part of the Léman community starting in PreK or Kindergarten, the largest Léman legacy class so far! 

Congratulations to the award winners and to the entire Class of 2022! 


Senior Awards Winners

Excellence in the Study of Language & Literature (English) - Amor Azor

Excellence in Spanish - Paulina Valenzuela

Excellence in French - Gabriella Douzet

Excellence in Mandarin - Jasmine Novembre

Excellence in English B - Yihong Huang

Excellence in Visual Arts - Aruzhan Shabdarbayeva

Excellence in Theater - James Douglas

Excellence in Film - Levent Kucuk & Nia Lwanga

Excellence in Choral Music - Katherine Cornet

Excellence in Instrumental Music - Lucas Sosnick

Excellence in Mathematics - James Seokyhun Cho & Ayokunnumi Omilola

Excellence in Chemistry - James Seokyhun Cho & Lucas Sosnick

Excellence in Computer Science - Arseni Nasikovskyi

Excellence in Environmental Systems and Society - Sam Nguyen-Jones

Excellence in the Study of Physics - James Seokyhun Cho

Excellence in the Biological Sciences - Lucas Sosnick

Excellence in History - Katherine Cornet

Excellence in Economics - Olivia Mazuel

Excellence in Theory of Knowledge - Emma Bektesevic

Excellence in Physical Education - Jacob Humphreys 

Bulls Pride Award - Leilany Tejada & Santiago Esparza

Léman Manhattan Faculty Award - Ayokunnumi Omilola

Léman Manhattan Leadership Award - Emma Bektesevich 

Léman Manhattan Head’s Award - James Seokyhun Cho


Léman Manhattan Legacy Award Winners

João Philippe Babin

Maximus Cenni

James Douglas

Anna Eisenberg

Maya Henkin

Shane Jones

Amelia Lewis

Teddy Nahoum
Sarah Nigen

Maia Paszamant

Braden Pollack

Ava Sirulnick

Ethan Sosnick

Lucas Sosnick

Ella Turnacioglu





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