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High School Science Students Awarded Prestigious Internships

September 23, 2021


One of the unique opportunities provided to students in the Léman Science program is conducting work with esteemed institutions in New York and beyond. We are excited to share that, over this past summer three of our Upper School Science students took part in selective programs and internships. 12th Graders James Cho and Dakota Taylor and 11th grader Jasper Dratt shared their experiences with us. 

12th grader James Cho was selected to participate in the Brown pre-college program as part of a neuroscience research study. In the study students dissected nervous systems and brains and analyzed neurological disorders and diseases in the nervous system. At the culmination of the project, James wrote an article on how oxygen deficiency can lead to growth in neurons and possibly make people "smarter" due to the stimulus on a specific protein in the human body. An accomplished math student, James won the AMC 10 Math Competition in the 2019-2020 school year. 

11th Grader Jasper Dratt worked at Forward AM Heidelberg, Germany, a daughter company of the chemical giant BASF. The company specializes in creating materials for different 3D printing processes and techniques. During the internship, Jasper worked alongside engineers on the large-scale 3D printer farm where they manufacture items for large appliance companies and offer stainless steel 3D printing on-demand services. Jasper's passions also lie in math and science, as a participant in the American Math Competition and a member of the Astronomy Club. 

12th grader Dakota Taylor had the unique experience of interning at a variety of firms in the construction, architecture, and engineering industries. One of her favorite experiences was working on-site at the new 550 Washington Google building in Manhattan where she worked closely with the interior construction management team. At Léman, Dakota is managing editor of the Bullhorn, Léman's school newspaper, a member of the Astronomy Club, and a writer for the Léman Science Journal. 

Congratulations to all of these students on their impressive accomplishments! 


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