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Léman Outperforms Other Schools in MAP Testing

November 17, 2023

Léman students in Grades 2-10 recently completed this fall’s round of NWEA Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) testing. Taken by children in a national array of schools, the MAP assessment measures students’ proficiency and growth in math, reading, language usage (i.e. writing mechanics and grammar), and science.

This year, Léman students performed strongly across all subjects, consistently out-performing their peers at other schools. The scores earned in the math assessment, in particular, demonstrated great overall understanding and proficiency in mathematical concepts. The average score earned by students in other New York City independent schools in Grades 2-10 this year was 211.5. Léman students, thanks in part to our individualized instruction, the addition of Math Enrichment Specialist Ms. Sanders in the Lower School, and our team of expert faculty, were able to achieve an average Math score of 221.3 across all of the grades who took part in testing. Below, see a breakdown of average math scores, by grade. Please note that the “Difference” column denotes the difference between the scores received by Léman students and those at other local independent schools.

As demonstrated by the chart above, Léman students were also able to consistently score within the 75th percentile of all test takers nationwide. What’s more, at least one Léman student in each grade scored above the national 94th percentile, and 10 students across multiple grades scored within the national 99th percentile.

Math was not the only area in which students received high marks. This year’s reading test data illuminated students’ strong abilities in reading comprehension, something especially important in relation to our lower elementary grades students for whom strong foundational literacy skills are being developed. In comparison with the average score of 194 earned by independent school students in grades 2-5, Léman lower schoolers received an average score of 203.2 in their reading assessments. Below, see a breakdown of average reading scores, by grade.

Beyond creating longitudinal information about our students' progress year over year, the MAP helps inform our teachers of how to best guide each child’s academic instruction by giving us specific information about each student's areas of strength and growth. The MAP helps teachers design instruction to challenge those who are ready for the next level and provide reteaching for those who need reinforcement of a skill or concept. All in all, the assessment provides both an illustration of our students' proficiency levels in core academic subjects, while also giving us important insights about what we can do to provide a rigorous and enriching educational experience for all students.

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