First Annual Léman Film Festival Announces Winners

February 06, 2017

Léman hosted its First Annual Film Festival in the Morris Theater on January 26, 2017. High school students submitted a total of 26 films, each three minutes in length and featuring the required elements of empathy (theme), a staircase (setting), "What about me?" (dialogue), and a boat (prop).

Film professionals Taran Killam, Cobie Smulders, Charlie Evans, Veronique Doumbe, Charles Traub, and Alexandra Juhasz assessed and awarded prizes to eleven films in six different categories – Cinematography, Sound, Concept Editing, Acting, and Writing – as well as Best Picture.

Ms. Cobie Smulders delivered a keynote speech on the energy and focus required of filmmaking before being joined on stage by Fine Arts Director Lisa Nowicki, High School Principal Robert Spezzano, and Festival Director Don Gibson to present the awards. There were Honorable Mentions and First Place winners for each category, which were awarded trophies and prizes such as a post-production visit on Taran Killam’s current film and tickets to Cobie Smulders’ Broadway play, Present Laughter.

Award Winners

Cinematography: Blizzard (Evie Rose, 11th Grade)
Concept: Thinking in Heaven (Hunter D’Ancona, 9th Grade/Max Velazquez, 9th Grade/Felix Messeca, 9th Grade/Hunter Ostergaard, 9th Grade)
Editing: When Will You Be Back? (Lucero Taveras, 9th Grade)
Performance: Empathy Boat (Ralph Godfrey, 11th Grade/Binh Nguyen-Jones, 11th Grade/Kevin Tamarima 11th Grade/Katie Xue, 11th Grade)
Script: Stronger (Chantelle Roulston, 12th Grade/Hrishika Chakraborty, 12th Grade/Jacob Passick, 12th Grade/Linda Lin, 12th Grade)
Sound: Cry For Help (Sam Schulman, 12th Grade/Aaron Dominguez, 12th Grade)
Best Picture:Blizzard (Evie Rose, 11th Grade)

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