Students Compete in National Mathematics Contest

June 01, 2017

The Mathematics Department concluded a great year of competitions in April with our school's second-annual participation in the Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC). Sixty-nine Léman students in second through eighth grades competed in this national mathematics contest for elementary and middle school students, along with over 32,000 students representing 763 schools across the country!
We would like to recognize this year's participants:
2nd Grade
Sophie Sprenger, Nadeem Le Gendre, Carolina Loh, Jack O'Connor
3rd Grade
Joshua Randall, Daniel Mente, Elizabeth Chao, Bruno Ribeiro, Nihaarika Shrikant, Helena Torelli, Salome Faucon, Ella Eisenberg, Andrei Steyn, Ava Bollotino, Cameron Butler, Iain Fulnecky, Saige Leung, Peyton Atherton-Henry, Alexander Mohammed
4th Grade
Sarah Silverman, Max Schoenstein, Joseph Candelaria, Leo Khitin, Paven Lavan, Eric Chiu, Kayvan Dyk, Zachary Grant, Benjamin Harris, Jacob Calixte, Elira Punter
5th Grade
Anatole Faucon, Vladimir Zarytov, Andrey Bakulev, Colin Grant, Giles Lewis, Sarah Riedman, Sam Spector, Paige Butler, Avery Gidumal, Xander Brown, Roman Rosenberg, Valerie Sprenger, Henry Joyce, Nate Oh, Josephine von Girsewald, Jordan Pinsky
6th Grade
Katya Volkova, Zoe Fulnecky, Shane Stesner, Zachary Dufanal, Jiamo Zhou, Masafumi Hommyo, Luna Garcia
7th Grade
Joao Philippe Babin, Kyren Lavan, Cyrus Mika, Fumihiko Hommyo, Sophia Galatioto, Dylan Friedman
8th Grade
Jasmine Zhang, Joshua Senior
Congratulations to all of the participants!

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