Senior Spotlight - Nick Sterling

April 25, 2017


When Nick Sterling arrived at Léman from upstate New York as a sophomore, he was in a unique position. With both of his parents working part time in New York City, Nick wanted to attend school in New York City but still be able to go home on the weekends. "The things that appealed to me most [about Léman] were the International Baccalaureate Program and the fact that I was able to have a 5-day boarding experience," he said. Never one to back down from a new challenge, Nick relished in the opportunity to pursue an education in New York City. "The curriculum options at Léman were something that I wouldn't have had access to in my hometown. To be able to take advantage of the opportunity for a diversified curriculum and to pursue higher-level courses, as well as to craft an educational experience based on my interests was important to me," he explained.

While managing the responsibility of being a full IB Diploma candidate, Nick also took on the role of Vice President of the Boarding Student Government, and co-founder of the Léman Student Ambassador Program, which has welcomed over 100 students since its inception.

"Because Léman is a growing school, I had a great learning opportunity [to create a new program] and it helped me develop professional skills" which he feels will be useful in the future.

Nick was accepted to University of Southern California's "Trojan Transfer Program" at Richmond University in London, where he will be enrolling in the fall. "Seeing Léman's boarding program grow, and making connections with other boarding students inspired me to pursue a study abroad experience in my freshman year," he said. He credits the Office of College Counseling with helping him pursue his dream of attending USC. "I was able to develop a meaningful relationship with the USC representative and to have a clear dialogue with him [about the application process]. One of the key factors for me was having [College Counselor] Ms. McMickle's help in finding a program that suited me."

Nick also credits the IB Diploma program for making him stand out to college admissions officers. "Seeing that I'm a full-diploma candidate changes their perspective, because they have the knowledge that I've been able to complete a rigorous program with high marks."

Even though he's excited about his next adventure, Nick knows that there are things he will miss about Léman. "The connections I've made here are second-to-none," he said. "The community has really supported me through a big period of self-development, and to me, that's been really profound."

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