Senior Spotlight - Chaz Vest

May 19, 2017

Brown University

During his four years at Léman, senior Chaz Vest has made an impact on the school as much as it's made an impact on him. "From the beginning, I could tell this was the place for me, and over the years I felt more and more like this is my family. I've become very attached to the school," he said. And the school has been made a better place with his leadership. In his freshman year, Chaz started the Volunteering Club, which has grown over the four years that he's been here. "Volunteering has become an integral part of the Léman culture, and I think that's partially because of our club," he said with pride. He is also pleased with his accomplishments as President of the Student Government this year. "I've tried to make a difference in the school and it was great to see we had the power to make a change."

In addition to his responsibilities in the student government, as well as his roles as Captain of the Boys Varsity Soccer and Baseball Teams, Chaz is also a full IB Diploma candidate. "There was never a dull moment with the IB," he said, "but if you take your time and don't procrastinate you'll do well. The IB program treats us like we're mature adults, which will be beneficial in college."
Chaz will enroll at Brown University, his first choice school. "The feeling of getting into college was indescribable. My college counselor Ms. McMickle was always there for me, reading my essays and giving me advice during the application process. I always knew I wanted to go to Brown, but she was always trying to open my horizons, which is exactly what a college counselor should do," he said.

Before Chaz heads to Brown, he will pursue his passion for foreign travel and languages by spending a year abroad. Last summer, Chaz became the youngest American to ever walk the 500-mile Camino de Santiago trail solo, which he calls the high point of his life so far. "I hope to have more experiences like that during my gap year."
With his leadership skills, commitment to academic excellence and contagious enthusiasm, there is no doubt that Chaz will be successful in college and beyond. "I'm going to miss the connections I've made at Léman," he said, "but I'm excited for new things." 

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