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Our international network allows Léman Manhattan to attract, train and support some of the most dedicated and talented teachers anywhere. All of our teachers possess advanced degrees or are working toward an advanced degree, and have dedicated their careers to teaching.

Léman Manhattan teachers do not simply provide superior instruction — our teachers lead, inspire, excite and relate to students in a caring, supportive manner. Through differentiated, small group and one-on-one instruction our teachers get to know and appreciate each child’s unique interests, strengths, goals and learning styles.

Our teachers use a system of proven best-teaching practices to help our students reach their fullest potential. These techniques include:

Differentiated Instruction: Differentiated Instruction focuses on teaching to each child’s interest and ability level every day and in every lesson. Not to be confused with “tracking” or grouping by ability level, differentiation ensures that each student is mastering skills and concepts before moving on.

Essential Questions: The Essential Questions for every lesson are written on the board at the beginning of each class. These higher-order learning questions shape the lesson, focus students’ minds, and promote critical thinking.

Daily Assessment: At the end of each class, teachers assess every student’s understanding of the day’s lesson. These assessments take many forms (quizzes, short writing assignments, group projects, oral reports, etc.) and are the basis for differentiated instruction the next day. They also help ensure that students are progressing against their Personal Learning Plans.

Curriculum Mapping: This is a method of writing and managing school curricula that guides teacher lesson planning, tracks gaps and repetition in instruction, and ensures that skills and concepts are being introduced in the right order to achieve cumulative and efficient effect. Léman Manhattan uses Atlas Rubicon to map curriculum online to the content standards of the CTP4. This practice is unique to Léman schools. Atlas gives us a powerful tool to organize, communicate, and disseminate information regarding the curriculum and share instructional best practices across grades, subjects, schools, and cultures.

International Teachers College: As an affiliate school of Nord Anglia Education, every Léman Manhattan teacher is part of an international community of educators. Our teachers meet regularly with other Nord Anglia teachers to share best practices and strategies that inspire learning and the enhancement of student performance. We believe that continuous training, use of metrics, interpretation of data and sharing of best practices leads to continual improvement and benefits our students.

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