Léman is proud to announce that applications are now open for the Léman Honors Merit Scholarships for the 2018-19 school year. 

Recognizing talented high school students who demonstrate strong academic performance and exemplify the values of the Léman community, the Léman Honors Merit Scholarship will provide tuition assistance to a select number of 9th graders in the amount of $10,000 per student per year.  Please note, students are eligible to apply for only one scholarship per school year.

The Scholarships will recognize excellence across three key areas that contribute to the Léman community:  Academic Excellence, Excellence in the Arts, and Dedication to Service. Application requirements include:

  • Completion of the Application Form
  • For the Academic Excellence or Dedication to Service Scholarships, a one-page essay describing your leadership and contributions in this area
  • For the Excellence in the Arts Scholarship
Visual Art:

Applicants must bring a portfolio of 8-12 pieces of original artwork done in a variety of media. The artwork should be from observation, imagination, and memory, and labeled appropriately.  There is also a required interview in which applicants must discuss their work and answer questions.


Applicants should be prepared to perform two contrasting monologues – i.e. one comedic and one dramatic from published plays or monologue books. These monologues should be memorized and age appropriate.  Applicants may be asked to do an impromptu reading and/or improvisation as part of the audition process. For candidates interested in musical theatre, a song must also be performed (please see below for the vocal music requirements).

Instrumental Music:

Applicants should prepare a solo selection to perform for the audition. Please be prepared to perform both with and without accompaniment. The solo does not have to be memorized and applicants must bring one original copy of the music for the adjudication panel (no photocopies). Applicants should bring their own instruments to the audition, except those auditioning on percussion. Applicants may also be asked to play major scales up to 4 sharps and flats from memory as well as sight-read.

Vocal Music:

Applicants should prepare a song by memory for the audition. The song can be a classical or musical theater selection. Applicants should be prepared to perform the song both with and without accompaniment. During the audition process, applicants may be asked to sight-read as well as echo melodic and/or rhythmic patterns. 

All materials must be sent to by December 15, 2017, at 5:00 PM. Scholarship announcements will be made in March 2018. 

We look forward to considering what is certain to be a talented group of Scholarship applicants.

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