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The World Languages Department believes in developing students’ global awareness by offering the chance to communicate in a variety of languages and allowing students to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

Léman Manhattan provides rigorous courses in Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Arabic.  All courses ensure development in the core modalities of language learning: aural, oral, reading, and writing.  Students are exposed to a variety of instructional strategies and authentic contexts in which to practice using these core skills for learning a new language.

From Pre-K to 12th Grade, our spiraled curriculum ensures progression and development of the essential skills needed to become proficient in another language.  Kindergarten students are introduced to Mandarin, Spanish, and French, a trimester of each language.  In First grade, all students choose to study Mandarin, Spanish, or French and continue this language through their tenure at Léman.  In order to fulfill Léman’s mission and vision, students study an additional language in high school. Through interactive courses, which explore cultural differences and similarities, and study abroad experiences, students are provided with the knowledge and skills they need to be engaged citizens of the world. 

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