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The Student Services Department employs a nurturing and holistic approach to the social-emotional development, health, and well-being of our students. Our counselors, psychologist, health educator and nurses provide on-going teacher, family and student support for social-emotional, academic, behavioral, and health concerns both in and outside of the classroom.  This may include individual and small group work, or whole class education with students.  The members of our department consult and collaborate with the entire Léman community and appropriate outside providers when necessary to best support academic success.  We strive to be proactive in our personal/social-emotional education and possess age-appropriate understandings of the necessary components that lead to a healthy, well-adjusted, and productive lifestyle. The counselors in the Upper School assist all students in the preparations for college and the application process and provide safe spaces to grow and take risks. We aim to prepare and support our students for college and life beyond Léman Manhattan.

The Upper School Student Support Services Department provides cultural inroads for our international boarding community by making academic content more comprehensible.  The team assists all students in identifying their learning styles, prepares them for college and the application process and provides safe spaces to grow and take risks through our S4S Program, including courses on Wellness, and Study Skills. We aim to prepare and support our students for college and life beyond Léman Manhattan.



Léman Manhattan Preparatory School’s main goal is to meet student needs through a differentiated rigorous curriculum.  We are committed to meeting the needs of all students through an increasingly comprehensive framework of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Each division has a Student Support Team comprised of trained Learning Specialists who collaborate with classroom teachers and administrators to identify a well-integrated system of instruction and intervention for students identified as in need of support and/or enrichment.



Our mission is to help students acquire proficiency in the English language, to ensure academic success, and to confidently participate and integrate as an active member of the Léman Manhattan Preparatory School (LMPS) community.

We believe that all students should have equal access to the curriculum and should be immersed into the mainstream classrooms whenever possible. The ELL Department believes that high academic standards help promote language development for non-native English speakers. A culture of school-wide collaboration is adopted such that classroom content is made accessible and comprehensible for English language learners. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain their mother tongue, enhancing both cognitive development and English language acquisition. 



English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a required course for all students enrolled in the English Language Learner (ELL) Program. This course is offered in lieu of a World Language class. Students will learn to communicate for a variety of purposes and contexts while receiving language and content support for the Humanities’ courses.

EAP is designed to foster academic language across the four skill domains of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. The productive language skills of speaking and writing are a particular focus. Students learn to give effective presentations, engage in oral debates, participate in discussions, and write creatively and persuasively. Content materials are used whenever possible to facilitate learning. Other areas of focus are on the following:  vocabulary development, reading comprehension, study skills and grammar.

Half of each block is devoted to content support while the other half is focused on second language acquisition. Students must submit evidence of language learning in an ELL portfolio.

Grades: 9-12

Length:  Full Year

Credits: 1


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