The study of the human experience is central to English Language Arts. At Léman Manhattan, we recognize the power of literature to unlock empathy and international-mindedness. The invitation to analyze a text, whether visual or written, is a call to hone one’s critical thinking and interpretive sensitivity. Our students develop a keen awareness of purpose and audience as they explore different modes of writing, develop their own unique voices as writers, and articulate ideas with clarity and expression.

Our Middle School students begin with an exploration of character, conflict, and theme. By analyzing the way in which characters develop and change throughout the texts we study, students are encouraged to respond to big-picture questions. What does it mean to be a hero, for example, and how does the definition of heroism change when explored across cultures or through time? Students strengthen their writing and speaking skills by expressing ideas in the narrative, persuasive, and expository modes, both through intensive writing and active classroom discussion.

In Freshman Composition and World Literature, 9th and 10th Grade students are prompted to develop critical thinking in greater depth and express ideas with increasing sophistication. By the time they reach the 11th Grade, students are prepared for the rigorous demands of the International Baccalaureate Language and Literature Course. Here, students analyze the different interactions between text, audience, and purpose. They develop awareness of the roles that language, culture, and context play in determining how meaning is constructed in texts. Graduates are thoroughly prepared for the rigor of university academics.

At Léman Manhattan, we embrace technology and recognize the power of digital devices and social media to unlock skills pertinent to English Language Arts. Students use technology to extend their learning experiences beyond the classroom. From creating podcasts, blogs, vlogs and online editorials, to responding to one another’s work in online forums and uploading recitations to SoundCloud, our students are continuously engaged with technology. Digital readers, laptops, and Smartboards are readily available to our students in every classroom. In order to meet the requirements for graduation, all Léman Manhattan students must complete one English course for each year of Middle School, in addition to four credits of High School English. 

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