Upper School (Grades 6-12)

Middle School (6th to 8th Grade)

The Middle School program at Léman Manhattan offers academically enriching and demanding classes to bolster problem-solving combined with opportunities to reach beyond the school walls through cultural experiences. Critical thinking is extremely important to the Middle School curriculum. We help students lay the foundation for evaluating sources and information to make educated choices and acquire the building blocks they need to achieve success in future academics and in life. We teach life skills such as strong communication, leadership, time management, and ownership of learning, which become part of students’ tool belts for learning, which they will utilize in high school and beyond.

At Léman, each Middle School student is part of a small advisory group that provides a supportive forum for discussing topics including building strong character, developing personal goals and strengthening a diverse community. Co-curricular offerings such as athletics, fine arts, and other high-interest clubs are also an important part of our students’ lives as they discover new passions and interests.

Partnership with parents is an essential part of a successful Middle School experience. Advisors meet with parents and students several times a year to review each child¹s goals and progress. Conferences are led by the student with support from his or her advisor. Working together in the best interest of each student is vital to the success of each child.

High School (9th to 12th Grade)

In High School, students immerse themselves in university-level coursework and a range of extracurricular activities, including international opportunities that broaden their horizons and offer rich academic and cultural learning experiences.

Léman Manhattan offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, recognized as the worldwide gold standard for academic excellence and a sought-after credential by top colleges and universities.

Focusing on depth and breadth of knowledge, the IB is an optional, two-year advanced program for 11th and 12th grades consisting of six foundational courses, a broad-based independent research essay, creativity, action, service project and a Theory of Knowledge course. The

IB focuses on building knowledge, skills, and independent critical and creative thought to help students to make connections between areas of study. We also provide unparalleled college advisory services. With two dedicated college counselors on staff and Léman¹s Advisory Board, our students benefit from a tremendous wealth of resources to help them achieve their desired outcome. Our graduating classes gained acceptance to top institutions including Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Boston College, University of Virginia and Dartmouth College.

In addition to our core academic curriculum, our students are offered numerous co-curricular experiences including varsity sports, clubs, theater and music that take advantage of the tremendous diversity of opportunities in Manhattan. Our High School is an innovative and dynamic place where young adults are challenged to participate in leadership-building activities across the school and their communities to prepare for being world citizens of the 21st century.

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