Academics Overview

Through a rich curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and collaboration, coupled with access to an interconnected, global community of thinkers and learners, Léman Manhattan is redefining PreK-12 private school education.

Critical Thinkers, Confident Learners

Through personalized instruction, hands-on learning and early introduction to world languages, students at Léman Manhattan receive an unmatched learning foundation that empowers them to be independent critical thinkers and responsible world citizens. 

At Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, our goal is to ignite the full academic potential of every student. Our dedicated faculty and staff promote intellectual, emotional and social growth, while emphasizing problem solving, critical thinking and higher-order reasoning

Personalized Instruction

A Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is an individually tailored plan focused on achieving unsurpassed student learning and personal growth. Based on objective testing results and teacher observations, our PLPs contain focused and specific learning goals accompanied by plans to achieve them.

Just as all of our students are unique, no two PLPs are the same. Each PLP not only addresses skills in need of improvement, but also offers challenges in areas of student strength and interest.

Through our PLP, we develop confident, well-rounded and thoughtful young people who are prepared for success at the world’s finest universities and in today’s highly competitive global economy.

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

All of our teachers meet with parents and students three times a year to review each child’s progress against his or her Personal Learning Plan.  Research indicates that students who feel engaged in their education enjoy school more and out-perform their peers.

Students aided by their teachers present their work portfolios and review their progress against their PLP’s. Changes to the PLP are suggested as needed.

Academic Difference - Critical Thinking

In a world where the internet largely controls the flow of information and where we can prep our children for any admissions test, critical thinking is the most important focus of education today.

Critical thinking involves broad, in-depth analysis of evidence to make decisions and communicate one’s thoughts clearly and accurately. Léman Manhattan excels in teaching students critical thinking, complex problem solving and high order reasoning.

Whether our students are learning American history, geometry or how to play a team sport, we inspire them to ask thoughtful questions and to solve problems creatively. Studies indicate a clear link between these skills and higher GPA’s and eventual success in college. We believe that critical thinking is the essential skill in understanding and successfully navigating today’s global community.

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