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Technology is an essential part of a student’s life at Léman Manhattan Preparatory School and is integrated throughout the standards-based curriculum to support students’ path to digital responsibility and global citizenship in the 21st century. Léman Manhattan combines technology and library support into the Technology, Library, and Information Connections (TLIC) department. Technology Coaches and Library faculty work as a team to collaborate on information literacy instruction goals for each grade-level. They support successful and on-going integration across the curriculum in both Lower School and Upper School, collaborating with faculty to plan, execute and evaluate curriculum units that engage and challenge students.


Technology empowers teachers to personalize instruction and engages students to become confident, independent critical thinkers. As an international learning community, technology supports our commitment to educating, empowering and inspiring students to make thoughtful choices and global connections as informed and engaged citizens of the world.  Technology enables learning “anytime, anyplace at any pace” as our students become the innovators of tomorrow.

As technology becomes ubiquitous, we will see:

  • Seamless access to a comprehensive technology infrastructure for learning on campus
  • Students engaging in rigorous, differentiated instruction supported by technology and developing the technology and information literacy life skills needed to excel in the 21st century
  • Staff utilizing technology to enhance the educational goals of the school
  • Parents and community members as active partners in the use of technology to improve learning at Léman Manhattan

Current technology initiatives include: iPads dedicated to each grade level, a 1-1 iPad program grades three to eight, and a BYOD program for the high school. Laptop carts are made available at each school for classroom or individual use. Interactive whiteboards, Apple TV, specialized printers, as well as science probes and other dedicated hardware and software complete the standard classroom. Future plans include a Learning Commons in each building, maker spaces, mobile furniture and areas for creativity, collaboration and communication.  

The Technology Curriculum Framework ensures that every student will become technologically literate and, thereby, able to use, manage, and understand technology and it’s value in our global society. Students focus on experiences that engage them in planning, analyzing, inventing, innovating, making, evaluating, and thinking/contributing to an online global community.

The framework gives direction, vertical continuity of instruction, and support of teachers in all curricular areas. Some examples of integration include: the writing process, blogging, productivity, presentational learning programs, coding, video production, web design, performing online research, and editing/producing digital design pieces. After-school offerings include a variety of opportunities in both divisions for students to practice and explore other digital tools and design technologies, such as coding, robotics, film making, and 3D design and printing.  

As a vibrant part of each school day, technology is becoming permeated throughout the curriculum and the students’ lives.


The Mission of the K-12, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School Library Program is:

  • To inspire students to take ownership — creatively and intellectually — of their learning experience, both individually and as part of their learning community.
  • To empower students to explore and make meaning of the world around them through the independent pursuit of information from a variety of media and resources.
  • To foster critical thinking skills through the critical evaluation and analysis of information.
  • To support and facilitate students’ ability to communicate their authentic understandings and new knowledge in a variety of online and multimedia formats.
  • To encourage a love of literature and an appreciation for the power of story as it is transmitted through various technology and textual mediums.

The Léman Manhattan Preparatory School’s libraries are physical, programmatic, and virtual entities:

Physical:  Both libraries are home to a wide assortment of fiction and nonfiction titles in print for curriculum support, or the pursuit of interests and leisure reading. These collections represent the best there is in both classic and contemporary literature.  The diversity of their culture, thought, and experiences reflect our school’s commitment to and celebration of international-mindedness. Both libraries house up-to-date technology containing a wide assortment of the best software, computers, apps and color printing for classes to integrate with class activities and projects. 

Virtual: Our collection extends well beyond the physical confines of its space. Through our e-book vendor, students may check out e-books and e-audiobooks to enjoy on myriad devices. For research and homework needs, students have remote access to more than 20 subscription databases—available on-campus and from home—covering all disciplines of our K-12 curriculum, and beyond.  These digital resources range from generalized databases, containing both scholarly and magazine articles, to more subject-specific databases, containing primary source documents, visual and audio resources, biographies, and streaming video.

Programmatic: Both the Lower and Upper School librarians hold ALA accredited Master's degrees in Library & Information Science and teach classes in their respective library classrooms and in collaboration with other teachers.

At the Lower School, every student has scheduled time in the library. An emphasis is heavily placed on teaching students about the joys of reading for pleasure and learning new information. A vital story program captures the varied interests of children at different ages and reading levels. In hand with the school philosophy, developmentally appropriate research skills are taught to promote independent learning. The tools may change, but Léman Manhattan students learn approaches that will hold them in good stead through middle school, high school, college, and beyond. Poetry and literature enrichment clubs for students and a Young Adult Literature Book Club for parents engage students and parents and extend the Library’s welcome.

The Upper School Library is open before and after school.  The librarian in collaboration with teachers provides information literacy instruction both in the library and in the classrooms, connecting the needed skills to their curriculum.  In Middle School, information literacy is also a part of study skills class. In High School, information literacy instruction is integrated into classes and the librarian collaborates with the Foundations teacher to help students learn the research process they will need for the IB Extended Essay.  The librarian works with IB students both in groups and one on one, helping them not only understand the research process; but, helps them find the information they need to have a successful essay. 

Our libraries are the cultural and intellectual centers in the school and have been host to book clubs, creative writing clubs, displays of student artwork, and author visits.


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