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The Student Services Department employs a nurturing and holistic approach to the social-emotional development, health, and well-being of our students. Our counselors, psychologist, health educator and nurses provide on-going teacher, family and student support for social-emotional, academic, behavioral, and health concerns both in and outside of the classroom.  This  may include individual and small group work, or whole class education with students.  The members of our department consult and collaborate with the entire Léman community and appropriate outside providers when necessary to best support academic success.  We strive to be proactive in our personal/social-emotional education and possess age-appropriate understandings of the necessary components that lead to a healthy, well-adjusted, and productive lifestyle. The counselors in the Upper School assist all students in the preparations for college and the application process and provide safe spaces to grow and take risks. We aim to prepare and support our students for college and life beyond Léman Manhattan


The role of the Learning Support Services team is to ensure Léman Manhattan provides an inclusive PK3 through Grade 12 multidisciplinary student support system that respects learner differences, facilitates attainment of Léman Manhattan’s high educational standards, and promotes the development of lifelong learners. The provision of inclusive education is based on three complementary principles:

1. Curriculum is provided equitably to all students and is provided in an inclusive, common learning environment shared among age-appropriate peers.

2. The success of each student depends on the degree to which the education is based on the student’s best interests and responds to his/her strengths and needs.

3. The service to students is flexible and responsive to change.

Under these guidelines, we believe:

● Students build self-confidence and better prepare themselves to be lifelong learners by developing self-advocacy skills and by understanding their learning needs.

● It is important to work with the whole student (intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically) from a position based on the student’s strengths in an effort to address areas of concern.

● Learning issues may change as the child grows and developmental differences need to be considered; resources should be allocated as needed.

● An effective student support program requires a team approach with all team members sharing responsibility for the student’s learning. Teams may include students, parents, teachers, student support personnel, and administrators.

● Staying current with research and best practices helps the team determine how to address student needs.



Our mission is to help students acquire proficiency in the English language, to ensure academic success, and to confidently participate and integrate as an active member of the Léman Manhattan Preparatory School (LMPS) community.

We believe that all students should have equal access to the curriculum and should be immersed into the mainstream classrooms whenever possible. The ELL Department believes that high academic standards help promote language development for non-native English speakers. A culture of school-wide collaboration is adopted such that classroom content is made accessible and comprehensible for English language learners. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain their mother tongue, enhancing both cognitive development and English language acquisition. 

The faculty of LMPS believes and practices the following:

  • English is the primary medium of instruction, and teachers work collaboratively to provide a program of English language learning for all students to address their academic needs.
  • All staff members are language teachers and are responsible for addressing and meeting the needs of all students of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
  • At Léman Manhattan, we believe that ELL students are best educated in a sheltered instruction environment.  Our ELL students are instructed in a mainstream classroom setting with ELL push-in and pull-out support when possible.


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