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Harnessing Wonder in Our Youngest Learners

Research shows that the more hands-on experiences children are offered, the more confident and engaged they become in their learning. And the younger that can happen, the better. At the Center for Early Childhood Education at Léman, we help children become independent lifelong learners who are not afraid to take risks.The Center for Early Childhood Education at Léman is a joyful, nurturing place that sets the foundation for each child’s academic, social, and emotional success. At Léman, we foster a warm learning environment where young children can ignite their curiosity and grow during the most influential time in their development.

Building Fluency in Every Child

Through an inquiry-based program, we build literacy, mathematics, gross and fine motor skills, music, and world language fluency in a community that values service to others and family.

After three years in the Early Childhood program at Léman, students transition into 1st Grade as strong readers and writers. All Léman students take Mandarin starting at age three, in addition to music education, which builds towards the school’s signature Strings Program. Each child in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade at Léman plays the violin as part of a robust arts education program.

A Dedicated Space for Young Learners

The Center for Early Childhood Education at Léman is housed on two dedicated floors of 41 Broad Street, creating a vibrant space focused exclusively on the learning needs of children three to five.Our interactive WonderLab offers state-of-the-art stations designed to inspire children to explore, innovate, plan, problem solve, and learn how to learn. The WonderLab’s blocks and building materials, iPads, 3D printers, and tinker kits foster critical thinking, science, mathematics, coding, and engineering skills—the tangible ‘building blocks’ of the future. Classrooms are designed for a multi-sensory approach to learning, with games, puzzles, and visual arts, and feature a literacy-rich environment to cultivate reading and comprehension skills.

Creating Partnerships with Families

We foster successful partnerships with parents through ongoing and open communication with teachers and educational programming for families throughout the year.  The environment at Léman provides parents with opportunities to make connections and be part of a strong community.

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Kate Sylvain
Head of The Center for Early Childhood Education

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